OTTERS - February 2013

This story took me across the UK photographing otters - my biggest love.  After spending over twenty years filming otters for the BBC, photographing them for National Geographic was a dream come true. Most of the images were shot in Shetland and at my home near Bristol; with additional images shot in Dorset. I was obsessed with shooting pictures of wild otters underwater and although I never really got what I wanted I was pleased with the final result. It was a team effort to pull the story together with my wonderful editor Kathy Moran and brilliant assistant Hector Skevington-Postles (now a fully fledged cameraman). CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GALLERY otters

There are two otter galleries on this site basically because I just goddam love otters. The other gallery features eurasian, north american and giant otters. CLICK HERE TO ENTER other otters

Kingfishers - october 2009

I started watching kingfishers when I was 11 and photographing them when I was 13. They have been a life long obsession. Kingfishers were my first story for National Geographic Magazine. I was not under contract to shoot the images and hadn't picked up a camera for years when I decided I wanted to shoot for the magazine. It took 6 years of my spare time to get the images required. I still love kingfishers but never want to photograph another one as long as I live! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GALLERY kingfishers

kingfisher with chicks.jpg