NG Live speaking tour

As well as working as a photographer I also work as a public speaker telling people about working as a photographer. I also discuss my passions - conservation in the Amazon and Africa. My 2016/2017 tour for NG Live is called 'I bought a rainforest'. The talk details my misadventures in Peru after buying an illegal coca plantation by mistake. Take a look at some of the clips below. For details of upcoming talks please see the news section at the bottom of the homepage or go to


Shooting Grand Teton

In this clip from NG Live in DC I explain how I went about shooting images of animals and landscapes in Grand Teton National Park for the National Geographic Magazine Yellowstone special issue.


Shooting the AMazon

In this clip I discuss shooting indigenous people in Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon. The clip covers my work in the remote indigenous communities of indigenous Yomibato and Tayacome, where I worked with the Machiguenga (Matsigenka) people. I also show images of the 'uncontacted' Mascho Piro people.


I Bought a Rainforest

This clip explains the complications I encountered after stupidly agreeing to buy an area of rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon. This clip centres on working with illegal loggers and gold miners and how inextricably linked conservation and poverty are.


I Bought a Rainforest part 2

Conservation is a bourgeois concept - that is the focus of this clip. In it I explain how I went to live and work with slash and burn cattle ranchers in Brazil - some of the most environmentally destructive people I have ever met; and also some of the nicest.